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Being Lost While Hiking Should Keep You as Busy as CHI Hair Dryers



Thump. Thump. With each passing second, your heart’s beat seems to get stronger and stronger. You can feel your temperature rising and the perspiration forming your body’s natural cooling system. After retrieving the map from your camping backpack, you unfold it, and then look at the trail marker ahead of you. You glance down at the map again, then at the two vertical lines painted onto the tree. Just as you suspected, you’re officially lost! Unfortunately, it seems that the time you’ll return home and use one of your spectacular farouk chi hair dryers, will be delayed. But should you stay put or head out?

When you’re lost, your instincts tell us that you have to start moving, in order to get un-lost. But if you get lost while hiking, it’s only advisable to keep hiking if you know exactly how to get to a certain location. Otherwise, don’t try to find other hikers; let them find you! But how do you deal with the problems that can arise while waiting?

1. Take steps to avoid heat stroke and hypothermia. Stay dry by staying out of direct sunlight. Stay warm by staying dry. If your clothes get wet, use a campfire or the sun to dry them.

2. Stay busy to avoid feeling lonely. Your primary objective should be to survive, which should take your mind off any lonely or bored feelings; or the luxury of using one of the chi hair dryers. There are plenty of tasks to keep you busy and alive:

• Cook a meal
• Take a catnap
• Replenish your water supply
• Set up signals
• Pitch your tent
• Collect firewood

Keep in mind that being lonely isn’t too bad, as long as you’re still alive. You must rely on yourself when surviving in the wilderness, so don’t worry about having company.

3. Save food energy that your body has stored. You’ll need as much energy as possible, so do your survival tasks early. It’s important to learn which vegetation is edible in the wilderness. Be careful, because sometimes only certain parts of plants are poisonous (i.e. leaves or seeds)

4. Avoid dehydration at all costs. You can live three weeks without food, but only three days without water! Locate a water source and then store it in your water bottle with filter.

5. Treat any minor injuries immediately to avoid infections. Clean and treat them using your first aid kit. This will allow you to do your survival tasks easier.

6. Sleep whenever you feel sleepy, to avoid exhaustion. If you’re restless at night worrying about the next time you’ll get home and use one of the FHI Heat Hair Dryers, then take short naps during the day. You’ll need energy to complete your survival tasks.

7. Turn fear into positive thinking. When lost in the wilderness, there are plenty of things that could cause you worry: being injured, not being found, stormy weather, wild animals, and even dying. While all of these things could cause some problems for you, try to change the fear into motivation. Learn to control fear as you control your fabulous chi rocket dryer. The opposite of worrying is acting. If you’re cold, build a fire. If you worry about being found, prepare signals. If you’re concerned about a bear making a meal of you, secure the lid of your Coleman cooler and place it high in a tree.

Believe it or not, if you become lost when hiking, it’s sometimes better to stay where you’re at. But staying put should involve staying as busy as you would be when using your chi rocket dryer at home.

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