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Take a backpacking hike through the redwood forest


One of the most interesting places to go see is the Redwood Forest in Northern California.  These beautiful trees are so tall that during the day it looks like you are walking around in the evening or at night.  When I went to see the Redwood Forest, we were leaving around 4-5 and it got so dark then later in the evening around 7-8 it was so dark that when we turned off the headlights on the car we could not even see straight ahead.  The Sequoia Trees are not only so tall, but also are very wide some even so wide that a car can drive right through the middle of it.  You can take a backpacking hike through this awesome park, spending a week and not even covering it all, with lightweight backpacking gear your trip would be so awesome waking up and falling asleep with the wonderful smell of these trees and really feel the magnitude of the greatness of these natural giants.

A must to pack in your lightweight backpack or ultralight backpack is a small lantern or good flashlight, and emergency equipment in case you get turned around in the maze of trees.  You should be sure to take hydration gear in case this happens so that you are sure to cover the bases of safety.  You should always carry bottled water for safety.  The good thing is that along the way on the roads that pass through you can find stores and restaurants, but if you decide to do it the natural way, you should pack lightweight food that is easy to prepare or already prepared.  Your lightweight backpack or ultralight backpack is great because you can store the food and important gear and be able to cover as much ground as possible in the day because the light goes quickly in this great park, so you should set out early in the morning and keep going as long as possible in the day, because you will need to prepare for the night quickly.  If you decide not to bring along a tent, but just a sleeping bag look for a lightweight backpack that has a strap for securing your sleeping bag.

If you are planning on setting up camp you should be sure to obtain a backpacking tent so it will be easier for you to lug around and is easy to set up when you are ready to prepare for the night.  Make sure that when you set it up that it is set up properly to keep from having unnecessary accidents.  I suggest that you go backpacking in the spring or summer, because in the fall and winter is when it gets darker earlier so that you can cover as much ground as possible, because even though the backpacking tent is quick to set up, you will need to do so earlier because of the absence of light earlier.

You might be planning on doing the whole camping adventure in setting up camp every night and preparing food.  if this is your case you can bring along your backpack stove for preparing your dinner, because this is safer since you will be amongst so many trees. It is best that you don´t have an open fire, most surely there are rules about open fires in the Redwood Forest anyway so you will do great with your backpack tent stove.  For carrying on your back it is lightweight and won´t hurt you while you are covering so much ground.

This great adventure will be one that you will never forget if you plan properly it will be the greatest trip you have taken, but if you don´t prepare properly it will be one that you will regret.  You need to prepare and plan for it taking care to think ahead as to the necessary equipment, but remember the most important equipment is something for lighting your way and emergency gear which should be in your lightweight backpack in an easy access area.  Another tip is that in case you are not allowed to have open fires you should make sure that if you use a lantern, that it is a battery controlled lantern and make sure to bring more batteries or have a way to recharge the rechargeable batteries.

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