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Using the one person backpacking tents


You have decided to go camping this year and you are starting to prepare for it. Even if you have never been camping before you will soon learn that it is fun and exciting and the kids will have a blast. If you are going to purchase some equipment you may want to start with the . These tents will provide you with protection from the storms. It has the basic set up as the other and comes in standard size. What is great about this tent though is the fact that you don't have to share.

Besides the one person backpacking tents you may later decide to upgrade to a backpacking 2 person tent or a lightweight backpack hammock tents. These tents are really nice to take camping and they won't weigh you down like the other ones may. With the one person backpacking tents you can do a lot of camping on your own without someone else there with you because you need the room. There may be a time when one person backpacking tents may not be used by you any longer because your family may increase which will lead you to choose another great backpack for camping.

Going up a steep mountain or across the sands will not bother you too much with the one person backpack. With several different sized pockets you will be able to pack all that you need. Don't forget to pack up a first aid kit. Also stock up on bandages, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, knife, flashlight, instant ice packs and a two way radio to get help. You can also use other communication devices to help get around better. While out on a hike, lay your bag down to eat your snack when it is time. You can use it to store an extra change of clothes, which always comes in handy when you are hiking. During your trip, pack some light food or food that will not need refrigerated. Another great idea is to slip your camera into your backpack so you can capture the moment.

One person backpacking is a good purchase to make. Add two backpacking stoves to cook on while you are camping. Two is better than one because you won't have to wait on something to get done before you add more with cooking. When you are having a fish fry you will want everything to be ready at the same time, especially if you are cooking for a big group. You can also purchase a to use for meals and socializing. You also may want to consider 4 seasons backpacking tents if you are really serious about camping. This kind of tent will be durable enough to last through any kind of weather. If you are not sure which one you will upgrade to in the future, don't worry about it right now. It's nice to start out small and a one person backpacking tents offer that.

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