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Going camping and hiking is an exciting adventure, especially when you are stocked up on all the latest in camping gear. Being safe is part of a successful camping trip and preparing for your adventure with safety in mind will need a little planning but you can do it. Start by making you a list and include the basics of what you will need, such as tent, sleeping bag, food, food utensils, water container, flashlight, matches, etc. Finding the ultimate backpacking tent is easy if you know where to look. Discount backpacking tents are the best way to get a great tent at discount prices. There are several ways to get a great deal.

The best time to buy your discount backpacking tent is when they are off season. Most of the tents are seasonal and can only be used mainly in the spring, summer or fall. They do not offer a lot of protection against the harmful weather so that is why they are only seasonal. Most standard sized tents will sleep about 4-6 people comfortably. If you have more in your family you will need to buy more than one tent. Backpack tents are the way to go because of its compact convenience your kids can carry them on the trip as well. Most of your sporting goods stores will carry the latest in backpacking and although they may mark a higher price on the tag, most can be marked down a little allowing you to buy discount backpacking tents.

Your children may want their own backpacking tent. If they do you may want to consider the lightweight tents. They will be able to carry their backpacks without the back aches and pains associated with a heavy backpack. You may want to consider the ultra light backpacking tents for the little ones who insist on carrying their fair share. When it is time to camp setting up the tent will be easier to do when everyone cooperates. Have fun with it by singing a campfire song to get everyone in the mood for camping.

You may want to consider purchasing the especially for eating and socializing while you are camping. This type of tent will help protect you from the mosquitoes that may be circling around close to dark. Make sure you pack some repellent to prevent those nasty bites that leave your skin red, swollen and very itchy. You also need to carry a first aid kit with you on the trip incase you or your family comes in contact with poison ivy, poison oak or sumac, which can spread all over the body over night. You also need to pack something for other insect bites to protect the site from becoming infected during your camping trip. Camping stores not only offer discount backpacking tents and accessories but they also include all the little things you may not think of until it is too late. Buying all of the must have items in one store will be easier than trying to buy everything in separate stores.

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