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Camping Tents and Backpacking Supplies

Camping tents and backpacking supplies


One of the great things about touring the world is that you need virtually no money to do it. You can take in the sites and sounds of many different places, merely with camping tents and backpacking supplies. That is it! All you really need is a covering over your head and some clothes. Food is easy and you can keep some cash to get ready made meals or food to make on the run. The Coleman tents you get for backpacking do not have to be tiny and expose you to the harsh elements. You do get amazingly durable and cozy ones that are light and fold up very small. They are also easy to assemble and disassemble making your lighter and smaller.

The main backpacking supplies you will need to go on a long round the world trip are the basic essentials like deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, soap, razor, torch, good shoes, and map or guide book, money, and perhaps a few other items. Clothing can be minimal and you can always purchase more if you feel like mementos of different countries you visit. When you get tired of wearing the same clothes, or you have purchased new ones, all you need to do is send your clothes home in the mail.

When you are choosing camping tents for your trip, you must keep certain factors in mind. Firstly think about the climate into which you are heading. Is it cold or hot? Do you need wind protection or rain protection? Will you be hiking far distances or up steep slopes? All of this will lead you to choose the correct camping tent. You can get that are fully waterproof and that retain heat keeping you warm in cold weather. The ventilation system will also be good enough so that you still get fresh air. If you are going to a hot climate then you should opt for camping tents that have excellent ventilation with UV protection for the scorching sun. You should also get ones with mosquito netting and then be sure to add to your list of backpacking supplies.  

One of the features that you will want when choosing the best camping tents for backpacking, is that they are small and easy to take down and put up again. Be sure to check this before you buy one. Try it out for yourself to see if you will be happy with its efficiency. Also make sure that your tent is small and light enough for you to carry comfortably over long distances and sometimes all day. Keep in mind that you will still want to be comfortable and have enough head room and leg room, so try to look for a light but average sized tent. Remember that this will be your only shelter, so there should be enough space for hanging wet clothes, eating, preparing food, relaxing, sitting in, and sleeping. Most of all have fun with your camping tents and backpacking supplies and enjoy seeing the world.



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