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Getting Un-Lost When Hiking Is Easy as Using Flat Irons


Do you hate losing things? Whether it’s your keychain, wallet, or car in stadium parking lot, losing things can be a hassle. The situation gets even worse if you’re a “neat freak” like me. Everything you own has a home, so it doesn’t seem logical when an object isn’t in its home. But what if we ourselves get lost while hiking? Wondering if we’ll ever get home to use our beloved hair straighteners again, the wilderness suddenly doesn’t seem as friendly as it did before.

If you become lost or injured while hiking, the primary objective should be to maintain a positive attitude. As Hamlet states in Shakespeare’s masterpiece of the same name, “…there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” If you’re convinced that you will get home and use your handy flat irons, then there’s hope. However, taking certain steps can help you to get un-lost!

One key to help prevent getting lost for a long time, is to let people know where you are. Give your hiking plan and estimated return date/time to a family member or friend. If you don’t return by that particular date/time, the person can then contact the authorities. Also, when you get to the trailhead, inform the park ranger of the same information. They can also take action if you fail to return on time.

In the case that you do become lost: take the following steps:

1. Stop in your tracks and stay calm. Remove your camping backpack, sleeping bag, and any other camping gear that you’re hauling. Take a drink from your water bottle with filter, take a deep breath, and motivate yourself by thinking about using one of your best value Highest Rated Flat Irons. As someone advised me once, “Don’t regret what you’ve done. Regret what you haven’t done.” If you’re lost and keep hiking, there’s about a two-thirds chance that you’ll walk in the wrong direction. By taking a breather, you’ll be more effective in taking the next step…

2. Replay in your mind the actions that got you lost. It’s best if you’re seated on a rock or log while in deep thought. Think about the direction you were walking in, and any particular landmarks that you saw along the way.

3. Determine your general location. Using a map and compass try to determine where you’re at. Look for landmarks that should be visible in the area, according to the map.
4. Analyze your situation. Look up at the sky and try to determine when dusk will be, and if the weather is changing. Check your supplies to determine how much water and food you have. Learn the status of others in your hiking party. All of these steps are as important as using the right hair straighteners.

5. Be a man (or woman) with a plan. Once you’ve stopped and analyzed the situation, it’s time to make a plan. Consider your group’s needs, make a list of possible solutions, and then choose the best one. In the case that you’re unsure about what route to take, stay where you are so you don’t further delay getting home to use one of your amazing T3 Flat Irons. But if you have enough time before dusk and you’re virtually 100% certain about how to get to a particular location, then head out. Make sure to use mark the trail using items such as twigs pushed into the ground, or stacks of small rocks.

Getting lost while hiking can at first be confusing and stressful. However, if you take the right steps, your chances of getting un-lost are as good as having positive results with best value irons.

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