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5 Crucial Criteria When Choosing a Backpacking Tent


Exhaustion. Hunger. These human conditions can have amazing influences on us. They can make the simplest tasks hard-as-nails to do. They can make us focus on nothing except getting some Z’s or some chow. This is also the case when we have just finished a day of fun yet draining backpacking. We know we must set up our tent, but we may barely have enough energy to walk anymore. After using one of our handy Badge Holders to enter the campgrounds, it is the worst time to realize that our tent is the wrong size. What exactly can we do to ensure that setting up our tent results in an evening of rest and relaxation?

Is choosing the right tent an exact science? No. But our objective should still be to select a tent that we will not regret crawling into at night, after an exhausting day on the trails. Fortunately, analyzing some basic criteria can allow us to choose the best backpacking tent possible, like choosing quality Clear Vinyl Badge Holders:

1. The tent should meet your needs. Conventional wisdom says that huge tents will provide you with more comfort. However, as with Proximity Badge Holders, bigger is not always better. You must think about how much weight you want to tote around in your backpack, and how you will use the tent.

2. The tent should accommodate the pitch. Make sure that your tent fits into the campground pitch well. This will help you to avoid needing to clear out a larger space, before setting up your tent.

3. The tent should be the right size. At first, this criteria may seem to general. “Comfortable” is relative, right? Actually, you can adhere to some basic concerns:

• Bigger is not always better, when selecting a tent. Remember when choosing the capacity size for your tent, that smaller tents are easier to heat than larger ones. This factor becomes very significant in bitter cold temperatures.
• To prevent theft or to store all of your gear in your tent during stormy weather, you may want to upsize the capacity of the tent you select.
• The number of people that a tent is made for, is typically based on the maximum number of people that it is designed for. For instance, a 4-person tent can accommodate four backpackers comfortably.
• Consider how much camping gear you will need to fit in the tent. That can alter how large of a tent you want. For example, if you are hiking alone but have a lot of gear, including a Proximity Badge, then a 2-person tent would be more ideal than a 1-person tent.

4. The tent should be the right length. Selecting a the right length is as important when choosing a backpacking tent, as when selecting Badge Holders. This factor is particularly important if you are very tall. Also, the tent you select should always be at least a foot (30 centimeters) longer than your height. That will account for the bottom portion of your sleeping bag, as well as your pillow.

5. The tent should be right weight and thickness. This factor is mainly related to what happens before you set up your tent. During a day of rugged backpacking, you want your gear to be as lightweight as possible.

When you are tired and hungry after a day backpacking, the last thing you want is to discover that your tent is improper for your needs. So do an assessment before selecting one, as with choosing Proximity Badge Holders, to pick the right one for you. It will put your mind and body at rest.

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