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Lightweight backpacking in the Yosemite National Park


The Yosemite National Park is a wilderness style park with natural waterfalls for which it is most known, but also has deep valleys, gorgeous meadows, with a wilderness effect it has many species of wild life and their famous ancient sequoias that provide for a spectacular backpacking in this vast park which is calculated to extend for nearly 1,200 miles.  You can prepare your lightweight backpacking gear for embarking into this beautiful park that is known the entire world for its beauty. You should try to backpack in this park in the summer months because since it is of a higher elevation in the mountain area and where it is located the precipitation and colder weather might hinder your trek.

Your lightweight backpack should be packed with emergency gear in case of a mishap, a flashlight or Coleman lantern, you should always have a rope of some sort in case you fall in an embankment or from a cliff, so that you might be able to catch onto something to help you up or for someone else to help you get to safety in case they aren´t prepared with their own rope, a jacket for when it gets cold and/or windy,   an emergency radio or cell phone with a high transmitting power to call out for help in in case there is an accident or you get lost, water, and food for your journey.  These items will make your backpacking trip a more prosperous adventure.

You should probably be prepared with a backpacking tent which is perfect for camping gear out along the trail, the benefit of your backpacking tent is that it is made lightweight for hiking purposes so it won´t weigh you down, but is very durable in case of high winds or poor weather.  When you’re in the mountains or a park like this that is known for its wilderness ways you should always have in mind that the weather can change in an instant.

The Yosemite National Park is a large park with many miles of traveling so you probably should have a companion with your for safety.  In any hiking or backpacking adventure you should always have someone to accompany you so that in case of an emergency there is someone to call for help.  Too, this is great for having a way to carry the important gear that you will need in your backpacking vacation, because bringing along your backpacking stove for heating up water for you coffee in the morning or in the evening, and cooking your food.

Since you have your partner you can share items to carry such as each one carrying their own lightweight backpack full of the equipment that you will for the trail, a backpacking tent, and your backpacking tent stove which can be used to prepare your food along the way and.  This form you are perfectly set for a trip of a lifetime in this beautiful famous National Park.

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