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Backpacking through the mount hood in Oregon is an experience of a lifetime.

Mount Hood in Oregon is the highest mountain in that state and is the most famous for its splendor amongst many especially the people that are avid hikers, backpackers, skiers or mountain climbers.  Since Mount Hood is an old volcano its rugged peaks make for a beautiful landscape that will be sure to take your breath away.  You can plan a lightweight backpacking trip up this mountain and discover the magic that so many people only can view on paper through photos.  And since Mount Hood is a stratovolcano which is made of lava flows, domes, and has its volcanic deposits this mountain makes for a great exploring ground for backpackers that enjoy discovering all that there is behind the magnificence of such a great towering giant a perfect lightweight backpacking trip up this mountain will be the trip of trips for your explorative being.

Any time of the year is makes its mark of beauty on this mountain, for example the springtime has its touch because of all of the fruit trees are blossoming giving it wonderful color, the summer makes the greenery even more of a color because the fruit is now maturing giving such an array of beauty, and in the fall the orchards and mountains are full of beautiful yellow leaves, and in the winter the Mountain is covered with snow giving it the perfect year round touch of perfection.   If you are a backpacker or hiker you can chose your favorite time of year for taking your lightweight backpacking or ultralight backpacking adventure.

Make sure that whatever time of the year you decide to backpack that you prepare adequately in advance, you should prepare lightweight clothes for if you get hot, but also pack a jacket and have a light blanket in case the weather suddenly drops in temperature, packed in your lightweight backpack or your ultralight backpack, along with your emergency gear for any type of accident or if you get lost or trapped by a sudden snow fall such as emergency lights for easy spotting in an emergency, always pack away water or make sure your lightweight backpack comes with a hydrasystem for rehydrating you in case of shock or dehydration, in your lightweight backpack or ultralight backpack you need to always include a durable flashlight or at least a small portable Coleman lantern in case you are stuck somewhere in the dark.   You should also include in your lightweight backpack, a rope for getting out of a sticky situation, a set of picks or ice axe loops for carry the ice picks or ice axes, as part of your equipment as well as a good map of the area, some of the backpacks have a place where it is easy to reach in your backpack for easy access, and an emergency radio or cell phone that can call out for help in an emergency.

Since it will probably take you several days if you are climbing to the top, be sure to bring along your backpacking tent made lightweight enough for carrying on your back, but durable enough to protect you from the strong winds or snow that can be a part of your experience.  If you plan on having everything together for sleeping at night, your backpacking tent should have a lightweight sleeping bag or a warm blanket for the low temperatures that come overnight especial when you are in higher elevation any time of the year. Some backpacking tents have Sleeping bag sling to tie your sleeping bag or blanket in place which will free up your arms for climbing.

You should never try mountain climbing or backpacking alone because in case you fall or get caught in a horrible snow storm you have someone to keep you alert and each other can help the other one get to safety, since you are more than one you can also divide the equipment and one can carry the backpacking tent and the other can carry a backpack stove which you should have for heating up water or liquids and this can help you keep warm in the cold.  This way you can spread out the load and can carry the necessary gear for doing your backpacking adventure well prepared to give you the ultimate pleasure of climbing this mountain up to the very top.  So if you are ready to start out up Mount Hood you are well prepared with you
r lightweight backpack or your ultralight backpack full of your important gear, your backpacking tent and your backpack tent stove for heating up your food or liquids on top of this beautiful world famous mountain.
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