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Getting ready to go camping can be a big headache if you don't have the right gear. You may feel unprepared and unorganized. After battling with your old tent that is now sun faded because your kids have left it out in the yard all summer, you decide that it is time for a new tent. You could get by with a simple tent or you can step it up and purchase one of the newer Backpacking 2 Person Tent. You can find your tents needs at one store usually in the backpacking tent clearance section. Sometimes a store will get overstocked or a new shipment in and they must put the remaining into clearance and mark down the prices. The benefit is that you reap the rewards.

Camping with the family can be expensive if you allow it to be. You toss out the idea of staying in a motel or hotel so you and your family can enjoy clean mountain air at a fraction of the cost. Your initial investment is somewhat large but after that you can keep the cost down by taking care of all your camping gear when you return home. For larger families, more than four, you will need to consider more than one . There are several choices now for your backpacking needs; trekker 2 person backpacking dome tent , or the 1 man backpacking tent . You may also want to invest in the 4 season backpacking tent so you can go camping anytime you want to. Camping can teach the kids a lot of survival techniques and help them want to help others. They learn to make the most of any situation. They also learn about nature and how to conserve it instead of destroying it.

Other things you may want to invest in are flashlights, batteries, extra sheets and blankets, a compass, water, food, eating utensils, matches, first aid kit, cell phone when possible or a two way radio. Although you want your trip to go smoothly you also need to prepare for the dangers of camping as well. Having the children help you pack will also teach them more about what is needed and why. Camping can mean going back to the basics but don't sacrifice that in your shelter. Investing in the backpacking tents listed above will benefit you in all weather. You may also find most of your camping equipment in the backpacking tent clearance section.

When you bring your new tent home you may want to practice setting it up before you go camping. You will be confident in the fact that you can set it up without any trouble and you will be able to devote all your time to camping and not trying to figure out how the tent is suppose to go. The tents that you have purchased are all simple to set up and they don't have a lot of extra parts to keep up with. Camping will be one of the most memorable times in your child's life.

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