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Take an awesome beautiful hike through the Rocky Mountains with lightweight backpack gear.


The Rocky Mountains is a fascinating chain of mountains that rise to over 10,000ft. When you go over the top from either the east or west to the opposing side. and are gorgeous mountains for taking an extensive hike, but you need to be prepared with sufficient lightweight backpack gear so you can plan to keep moving for several days making night stops and continuing on early in the morning to cover as much ground as possible.  With lightweight backpack gear you will not be weighed down with unnecessary weight and will have a place to store the important equipment to help you keep safe and stay on the move to cover as much ground as possible in a minimal time limit.

You will need somewhere to sleep at night so you should get an tent that can be set up quickly, safely and correctly without taking too much time doing so because time is of the essence and these ultralight backpacking tents are easy to disassemble for rapid departure in the morning to keep the journey going.   Or you can try a which is great for this fun, sightseeing, enjoyable hiking adventure.

With a you can store your flashlight in a safe, easy access place, along with your ice picks in case you come across ice and snow so that you don´t slip and slide or while climbing the mountain you can get a better grip on the mountain wall, your emergency equipment for letting people know of your whereabouts in case something happens to you for example flashing emergency lights or a radio or cell phone for calling out in case you have an accident or slide down a snowy embankment. 

Another great advantage to the camping gear is that most come with a hydration system in case of the lack of water or in an emergency keeping yourself or your partner from getting dehydrated in case help is far from you.  Of course you should have at least 1 ½ liters of water with you, and with this system you can have more of an advantage for keeping alive in an extreme case for more time.  In this ultralight backpacking camping gear should have room enough to store some high energy bars or high energy food in case of an emergency so that you can keep the person in jeopardy more alert for an extended time. 

If indeed you are planning the hiking trip or a camping gear trip to be for several days you of course need somewhere to cook food or heat water so you should bring along a .  Since it designed for backpacking it is lightweight and perfect for your quick cooking needs, but safe enough to carry on your back and for cooking with.  With this backpacking tent stove you are set for a beautiful adventure of a lifetime with so many awesome views along the way.  Of course, remember that canned or bottled items might get inflated with the change in altitude so be careful when you open them so that you don´t have an unexpected accident because of something of this sort.  Just plan everything down to a “T” so that there are no surprises or accidents because of a careless rapid decision for pleasure and fun. Have a great hiking trip through the Gorgeous Rocky Mountains.

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