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Owning a 4 Season Backpacking Tent


You plan all week to go on a weekend adventure with your friends backpacking in the mountains. You plan on enjoying the day walking and catching some fresh fish for dinner in a river that runs at the foot of the mountains. You can close your eyes and hear the water rushing over the rocks as you feel a heavy tug on your line. You have already purchased a couple of so you can fry all the fish just in time for dinner. You have put in a hard week at work just to enjoy the next two days. You have all the supplies loaded in your four wheel drive the night before so you won't forget anything. You wake up bright and early only to see snowflakes. Do you cancel your trip? No because you have a tent that is perfect for all seasons; 4 season backpacking tents allows you to enjoy camping spring, summer, fall and winter. So keep your plans and get going.

backpacking tent is fun especially if you are prepared. Your friends may have the but they can't enjoy the cold like you can. You can use the normal but you may take the chance of being uncomfortable, not to mention all the other things you will need to carry separately. Being prepared for any kind of weather may save your life. The worst thing you can do is go camping and get caught in an unexpected snowfall overnight. Most tents cannot hold in warmth that well and that allows you to get cold easily. You may not appreciate how fortunate you are to have one until you get caught in some unpredictable weather. If the winds pick up or snow starts to accumulate you can snuggle down inside. When using your tent find a safe place to set it up. This place needs to be a place that can protect you from most of the wind and harsh weather if it comes up.

For summertime camping, you can find plenty of ways to let the air circulate inside your tent using a vent window. The outer shell of the tent provides a waterproof layer so your tent will allow the water to run off. For fall camping make sure you pack extra blankets for the crisp nights, especially if you are camping by the river. Spring is a great time to go camping. You get to see all the animals and their young emerge from sleeping all winter. The days are getting longer and vegetation is fresh and green.

There are several places to visit for camping, such as Aspen Colorado . With four major ski resorts you can have a blast camping in the winter. After you ski, hop on the lift and ride it down to town for dinner, shopping or just enjoying the sights. When you are ready, ride the cars back up the mountain and start skiing again. You can brave some really cold weather in Aspen but you can be prepared with the 4 seasons backpacking tents. There are other to choose from and they all have something different to offer the camper. When you get home, be sure to leave backpacking tent reviews on how well you thought the tent held up. If you go alone or with a group you can have a great time.

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